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Entry to the facility is thru the LEFT GATE all lighting system are automatic and or on timers. The outdoor perimeter of the facility is monitored buy movement sensors and infrared surveillance cameras for security. Upon entry there are 2 large parking spaces to the left of the Large Pine Tree and if you continue around the driveway there are 3 covered parking spaces.

There are provisions for parking an RV in the neighborhood and or trailer for a Boat, Jet Ski or Kayak trailer. For special events there is adequate parking for approximately 30 cars within close proximity.

The facility is surrounded on 3 sides or 270 degrees of water view.  There is a 30 foot elevation change from the upper decks to the water line.

There are 2 outdoor cooking and serving counters that are located on the north and south side of the facility. They accommodate sinks , power for infrared cook tops, grilling space, refrigerator space and a good flat surface for a bar and serving space.

The southern lower deck area has a lounge and seating area closest to the water for a serene environment or a lively gathering area for conversation or dining. The upper walk around deck has provisions for seating tables with power for table lighting and gas lantern heating. There is northern lower deck that has a view of the garden area, waterfall, boat dock and sunsets. There are 2 upper decks both north and south for seating and entertaining. A separate covered, enclosed and air conditioned structure with all glass walls makes for great dining and entertainment.

Total seating capacity at the facility is approximately 75 persons for eating and 125 persons for drinks and snacks.

3 separate outdoor sound systems provide the mood required for the occasion.

There are high powered LED lighting systems for the entire facility including parking, entry, facility perimeter and boat dock area. All equipment located at the boat dock is secured with lock and chain.

The facility is located in the natural habitat of all Florida animal species with daily viewing of these magnificent creatures.

This facility is not child friendly under the age of 16 !